Photo of Blast It, a product used to kill Nutgrass (nutsedge) weeds that grow underneath swimming pool vinyl liners

Blast It

Nutgrass (nutsedge) is a strong weed that can grow underneath swimming pool vinyl liners. Blast It solves nutgrass issues.

Product Details


  • EPA registered herbicide
  • Concentrated granular product
  • Recommended by leading above-ground pool manufacturers


  • Stops nutgrass and nutsedge from growing through vinyl liners
  • Will not crack, soften, or discolor vinyl liners
  • Sterilizes nutgrass seeds before they can germinate


  • Follow complete label directions on product label
  • Before liner is installed, apply to the ground 7 lbs. of Blast IT per 1,000 square feet
  • Rake or till the applied product into the soil
  • Lightly mist treated area with water
  • After pool installation has been completed, 18 inch perimeter should be cleaned and treated
  • Outer perimeter of the pool should be retreat annually

Available Sizes

3.5 lb. cylinder

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