Metal Magic Spot Chalk

Remove tough spot stains like magic!

Product Details


  • Apply directly onto problem areas to remove stains
  • Two chalk pucks in each container
  • Unused chalk puck can be dried and re-used


  • Removes stains created by metals and organics regardless of their source
  • Safe for all hard surfaces, including plaster, vinyl, tile, concrete and fiberglass


  • Test Spot Chalk in an inconspicuous area first
  • STAINS BELOW WATER: Wearing gloves, gently rub Spot Chalk directly onto the surface stain
  • Most stains will dissipate shortly after contact. If needed, use a nylon brush or similar non-abrasive pad to help lift stains
  • ALTERNATIVE: Place Spot Chalk directly onto the stain but for no more than 5 minutes at a time, checking stain occasionally
  • Older and difficult stains may need to be treated with a sequestering agent prior to use
  • A sequestering agent should be used after removal of stains to prevent stains from reappearing
  • STAINS ABOVE WATER: Apply a small amount of water onto area being treated and gently rub Spot Chalk onto wetted stain

Available Sizes

18 oz. (two 9 oz. tablets)

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