A photo of UV Shield, a pool product used to stop chlorine from decreasing in swimming pools

UV Shield

Ultraviolet light (UV) is the biggest consumer of chlorine in outdoor swimming pools. Protect the chlorine in the water with UV Shield.

Product Details


  • Increases chlorine effectiveness
  • Prevents unnecessary loss of chlorine due to the sun


  • Reduces chlorine consumption
  • Most swimming pools will apply only once a season


  • Optimal levels of product should be maintained between 30 – 70 ppm
  • If pool is equipped with plastic (PVC) piping, UV Block should be added VERY SLOWLY to the skimmer. Otherwise add directly to the pool
  • Keep water circulating and filter maintenance for 3 days and avoid backwashing pool filter

Available Sizes

1 lb pouch
1.5 lb cylinder
8 lb pail
25 lb pail

Product Downloads

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